• T.C. Ušće, Beograd

  • British Motors, Beograd

  • Open Mind (BOSCH), Šimanovci

  • Citroen - Vitro Group, Beograd

  • Immocentar, Beograd

  • First Opposite Club, Beograd

  • Bonver Group, Beograd

  • Pet centar, Beograd

  • M.A.N. – Dewaco, Krnješevci

  • Tempo No.1, Beograd

  • Pekabeta, Beograd

  • F.K. BSK, Borča

  • Somboled, Sombor

  • Fiat automobili Srbija, Kragujevac

  • Jaffa fabrika biskvita, Crvenka

  • Interfast, Beograd

  • Squadra, Beograd

  • Mozzart, Beograd

  • Kolos RR, Obrenovac

  • Delta Maxi, Banja Luka

  • Nera - Arena, Beograd

  • Press, Beograd

  • NIS - BS, Kragujevac

  • Pro Team, Beograd

  • Comtrade, Beograd

  • Hladnjače Brestovik, Grocka

  • Green Energy Group INT, Markovac


Building Construction

Superior esthetic appearance and distinctive finishing details in whipping is our qualities. Many years of experience and reputation that has in the market, allocated Frigomex as one of the leaders in this field of business.


Cooling systems

Through his many years of work, we have gained the trust of the best foreign manufacturers in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning techniques, and to mutual satisfaction every day expanding their cooperation.


Frico program

Frico is present in more than 50 worldwide countries with a network of retailers, representatives and independent distributors. FRIGOMEX is the general distributor of the company for Serbia, Montenegro, Serbian Republic and Macedonia.



Since contracting, design, engineering, building construction, installation of mechanical and electrical installations, interior furnishings, technical supervision of construction until commissioning.